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Why are there no deals / no availability on the platform?

Little or no availability

The beginning of a new Financial Year is always busy at Kuflink, especially with the IF-ISA. However, with some Peer to Peer lenders exiting the market, it has meant that we have been even busier than usual as investors have been looking for new platforms for their funds.  Lucky for us, people have chosen Kuflink and so we have had an influx of new funds and our investor base has grown which is fantastic, but it has meant that there has been more demand for new deals to the platform than we currently have ready.  The good news is that we have a great pipeline of deals that are all moving along and so we hope to have some great new deals for you very soon.

Although we have had an influx of funds to us especially to the IF-ISA, we will not compromise our standards of lending at all.  Our Underwriters are still fully vetting each and every deal along with our Credit Committee.  We want to ensure that we only bring deals to the platform that we are confident in, so we ask you to please just bear with us for a little longer.  As we have always said, we will only lend to borrowers where we are confident for the deal to go to the platform for our investors to fund.  We want to maintain our record of none of our investors ever losing a penny.

We have employed several new staff members across the business to help with the high demand we currently have to help progress new and current deals and we have onboarded additional solicitors to work quickly with us to get the deals completed as soon as we can, so we are able to offer these on the platform to our investors.

We hope to be able to bring more deals for you within a matter of weeks.

Updated 26th May 2021