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How a Power of Attorney is executed through the A36H.

Power of Attorney

When entering into an A36H you also execute a Power of Attorney as you click through to confirm your investment.

This means you are appointing Kuflink for the purposes of 

(A)   executing in your name and on your behalf, any Deed of Novation pertinent to the operation of the Novation Process which is referred to and defined in Lender Terms that you entered into with the Operator; 

(B)   procuring that each such Deed of Novation is also executed by Kuflink Bridging Limited as provider of the Facility the relevant part of which is to be novated under the Novation Process to you;  and

(C)   doing any and all other things reasonably required to ensure that the Lender Terms and each such Deed of Novation in combination are deemed to constitute an Article 36H Agreement between you as Lender and the Borrower under the terms of the Facility in question.