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Is there a cost/fee for transferring out my Kuflink IFISA to another provider?

To transfer your Kuflink IFISA to another provider there is a cost/fee of £35 payable to Kuflink.

To transfer your Kuflink ISA to another provider there is a fee of £35 payable to Kuflink.

Looking to transfer out your IF-ISA from Kuflink to another ISA provider? Firstly, have you considered our other investment options or did you require any assistance, please contact our Investor Relations team on 01474 334488.
If you are still wishing to transfer out your IF-ISA away from Kuflink you will need to instruct the receiving ISA provider of this. Once they have sent this request to us and your loan has reached maturity we will transfer your funds, minus a £35.00 transfer out fee, within 15 working days.
All correspondence will be made with your new provider however, we will send updates on the status of your transfer when applicable.