Kuflink Wallets

We've introduced new wallets to our platform; this guide explains all

Within your dashboard, you will be able to see a selection of totals, within different wallets.  Each is important to understand;

Your General Wallet shows the funds sitting outside of the ISA wrapper.  

ISA Current shows the funds sitting in your wallet, available to invest, that are within the ISA wrapper for this year's allowance.  You may have used some of your ISA allowance with other providers and this will not be shown here.  We are displaying the total ISA amount used with Kuflink within the current financial year - i.e. between 6th April 2021 and 5th April 2022 (for tax year 2021/2022).

ISA Previous shows the total funds sitting in your wallet, that were used within any previous years' ISA wrapper.  For example, if ISA Current is showing your funds from 2021/2022, then ISA Previous will show ISA funds from all financial years up to and including 2020/2021.   These funds are still available to invest in any deals you wish.


Please note; tax rules are applicable to the use of ISAs, and may change.  We have more information within our FAQ section here;  https://www.kuflink.com/knowledge/if-isa