What does Pending Status Update or On hold mean

This means we have news on the loan and are awaiting further information to put the status either back to 'Performing' or 'In Default'.

When a 'Pending Status Update' label is showing on a deal it means we have had some news in regarding the status of the deal. We have had to remove the label 'Performing' until we can further clarify the position. We will be working with the borrower throughout the term of the loan to ensure everything is done to assist them in getting the position rectified.

During this period of 'Pending Status Update': 

  • Investors are not permitted to sell their investment in any loan where we have temporarily put the account on hold ('Pending Status Update').  This therefore means we will review each loan that is put up for sale, just in case there has been any information that could change the status of the loan.

If the situation cannot be rectified after all efforts then we will be escalating the position to Default. 


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