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What happens to a deceased investor's funds upon death?

After being notified about the death of an investor, Kuflink will mark the account as ‘Deceased’ and suspend all marketing emails.

We will need to identify the person dealing with the Deceased’s estate and receive proof of ID for this person.  An Investor Relations officer will then begin working to gather a certified death certificate, Will and Grant of probate.
If the Deceased’s nominated bank account is still active and falls under probate, any monies in the deceased’s wallet will be returned to that bank account. If it has been closed, the monies will be sent to a bank account elected by the executor of the Will.
If there are live investments, the executor can choose to wind down the investments via Kuflink’s Secondary Market, let the investments mature naturally or, subject to Kuflink approving, liquidate all investments for a 2% fee or £500 (whichever is higher). Liquidating investments this way forfeits any accrued interest.
If the Deceased has an active IF-ISA investment, we can arrange for a surviving spouse or civil partner’s yearly ISA subscription be increased by the value of the deceased’s IF-ISA investment with Kuflink. They will need to have a Kuflink IF-ISA investment.

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