What is the selling criteria for Secondary market?

Buy and sell your existing Select Invest deals on the Secondary Market.



    General Provisions

    1.1. All transactions via the Secondary Market are subject to review and approval by Kuflink and adherence to these Terms and Conditions. Kuflink reserves the right to refuse the sale of any investment without prior notice.

    1.2. Investors are permitted to offer their Loan Part for sale at the original purchase value only.

    1.3. You may only sell your total investment in one opportunity. Kuflink does not permit part sales. If you have made multiple separate investments into one opportunity, you may sell one or more of these investments individually.

    1.4. There is no 14-day cooling off period applicable for transactions made via the Secondary Market.

    1.5. Information regarding individual opportunities available for purchase on the Secondary Market is available via the platform under Loan Updates and is accessible in full to all registered Kuflink Investors.

    Applicable Fees

    2.1. Transactions will be subject to an arrangement fee of 0.25% of the Loan Part value, payable to Kuflink by the seller upon completion of the sale. This fee will be automatically deducted from the sale proceeds.

    2.2. Kuflink may waive their arrangement fee during promotional periods.

    2.3. There are no fees payable by the purchaser.

    2.4. All transactions are subject to invested parties having sufficient funds available in their wallet.

    Sale of Loan Part

    3.1. Listing your Loan Part on the Secondary Market does not guarantee that you will find a buyer. An expression of interest is not legally binding and does not constitute a sale.

    3.2. Sales via the Secondary Market are considered final and legally binding once contracts have been exchanged between the seller and purchaser.

    3.3. Once a sale is complete, the initial Investor forfeits all rights to future returns on that investment and these rights pass, in full, to the purchaser.

    3.4. The seller is not liable or responsible for the overall performance of any loan, and as with all investments, your capital is at risk.


    4.1. Investors are not permitted to sell during the first month or the last month of any loan term.

    4.2. Investors are not permitted to sell their investment in any loan which is in default, in arrears, or where the loan status is "Pending Status Update".

    4.3. Employees of Kuflink and their close family/ friends are not permitted to sell their investments within the first 48 hours of the Secondary Market opening for any particular opportunity, in line with our Conflict-of-Interest Policy.

    4.4. Cashback incentives are not eligible on Secondary Market transactions.

    4.5. Investors are permitted to offer their Loan Part for sale at the original purchase value only.

    Eligibility Criteria

    5.1. To access or use the Market, you must have made a Minimum Investment with Kuflink as defined by Kuflink from time to time ("Minimum Investment").

    5.2. You must have been or currently be an investor with Kuflink ("Investor Status").

    Investment Requirement

    6.1. The Minimum Investment is a prerequisite to gain access to the Market. The specific amount or value of the Minimum Investment is at Kuflink's sole discretion.

    6.2. Kuflink reserves the right to change the amount or value of the MinimumInvestment at any time without prior notice. The revised Minimum Investment will become effective at the time of the change.

    Investor Status

    7.1. The Investor Status is determined based on your history and current status of investments with Kuflink.

    7.2. Kuflink reserves the right to verify your Investor Status at any time and deny or revoke your access to the Market if you do not meet the Investor Status.

    Secondary Market Access

    8.1. Upon meeting the Minimum Investment and Investor Status requirements, Kuflink may grant you access to the Market.

    8.2. Kuflink reserves the right to deny or revoke your access to the Market at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to, failure to meet the Minimum Investment or Investor Status requirements.

    T & C's Apply 

    Updated 3rd July 2023