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Why do you ask for a form to be completed for Source of funds?

Our Internal Money Laundering Officer has set up a new system whereby anybody investing over £10,000 will be asked to complete a source of funds form.

It is unrelated to Tax or ISA, is for our records only and is not shared with anybody outside of the Compliance Team.

It is part of our Anti money Laundering processes, as we are responsible to the Police, HMRC and National Crime agency. We need to have basic information when it comes to our clients who have invested over £10,000.  This is similar to banks.

We work with the FCA, Auditors and our Board members (some who have previous experience in Banks).  This process was requested by a member of the Board some time ago to ensure we have sufficient information with regards to our clients who have invested over £10,000

Source of funds link 

We will be moving this form into the platform in the near future. 

Updated 19th July 2021