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Why is there no availability in Auto-Invest?

Our Auto-Invest/Auto IF-ISA product (or "the pool" as we sometimes call it) occasionally shows £0 available “Remaining Pool Amount”. We discuss why...

Our live pool offers a way of diversifying your funds across hundreds of loans, where you choose a 1, 2 or 3 year term.

Over the term of your investment your diversification will fluctuate as new loans are added, and older loans mature (i.e. the borrower pays them back).  Please view this FAQ for further information; https://kb.kuflink.com/knowledge/diversification-reallocation-of-funds-in-the-pool

As the number of investments and loans goes up and down, we find ourselves with a requirement for more pool availability, which is managed behind the scenes.  

This means that, rarely, there may not be pool availability for your funds. When you see £0 available, this is nothing to worry about and just a function of balancing hundreds of loans with thousands of investments. Typically, this is for a very short time, and you'll see availability as soon as a new deal is added to the pool.  


Please Note: If there is no pool availability, your funds will be added to your Relevant ISA Wallet.


Updated: 17th October 2023